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16:32 UK time, Wednesday, 2 May 2007

I'm sorry but the new photograph of The Queen , is awful. The window is open on grey clouds, the expression on Her Majesty's face is little short of bored and she is plonked on a chair in the middle of nowhere! I bet Cecil Beaton is spinning in his grave!
J. Paul Murdock, West Midlands, UK

Regarding business trademarking bottom slaps and the like, surely the act of 'touching the side of one's nose as if to indicate inside knowledge' has already been trademarked by either Arthur Daley or Fletch from Porridge.
K Walker, Runcorn, UK

I think it is more than overdue that we started the annual "spot Doctor Who inappropriately shoe-horned into an irrelevant BBC story" watch.
Basil Long, Newark, Notts

Re. Quote of the Day . To Lindsay Lohan: No.
John Whapshott, Westbury, Wiltshire, England

Re Turkey party calls for early poll. Presumably, before December 25th?
Peter, MK

Good news - I have found the pennies! Some were down the back of the sofa, some had rolled under the fridge and most of the rest were in the ash-tray in my car.
Colin Main, Berkhamsted

Hah! We stopped yesterday's letters and we'll stop today's too if you don't deposit £50,000 into the account of someone who has contributed to your letters page within the last 12 months, someone at random... oooh, say John Thompson, Southport.
Gremlins, in the works

Paper Monitor would do well to look in their own back yard before mocking the press . Surely none of the papers can quite have rivalled the BBC's own headline Rolling queue gathers no Moss.
James, Edinburgh, UK

"The range makes her look more Jessica Rabbit than Madonna. Which, Paper Monitor thinks, cannot be a bad thing" This quote suggests that PM could perhaps be male or a particular catty female?
Alison, Banchory, Aberdeenshire

Is that really a picture of James II in the Act of Union quiz or an actor in a foppish wig?
Pete C, Birmingham

I enjoyed the Act of Union quiz, but am intrigued to know where Magazine types were able to lay their hands on such high quality images - photos, apparently - of James II & Queen Anne?
Nick Jones

In your Act of Union quiz question 4 is accompanied by a photo of James II. He died in 1701. I am amazed. I thought the first photographic image was not produced until 125 years later.
Alan, Wellington NZ

I was amused by this article as it reminded me of a quote from a rocket scientist friend along the lines of: "analysing linear time-invariant systems (or something like that, I wasn't listening THAT closely) is Maths. 27 times 2 - that's just adding"
Jon, Bristol

RE your article on comments made about women without children in Australian politics , "Mr Heffernan first questioned Ms Gillard's childlessness last year" - if not having children is childlessness, is having children childishness?
Andy W, Solihull, UK

I don't have time to read articles like this ...arrggh my chest...
William Whiz, London

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