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Punorama results

15:21 UK time, Wednesday, 23 May 2007

OK punners, it's results time again.

This week it was the man offering to donate his own head for shrinking, to an Oxford museum, if it is forced to return its current collection of shrunken heads to South America.

Eh? You read it right the first time. Ted Dewan says he will leave instructions in his will for his head to be shrunk and put on display if Oxford University's Pitt Rivers museum is made to send back its 10 heads from the Upper Amazon region.

So how did you do? It was a good week again, with a lot of original entries and some very nice nods to yesteryear - which we always like.

Amaz'n Face was the fine offering from Andrew Mason and Pix6 suggested Headucational bequest. We like.

Shrunken treasure was sent in by Sarah in Italy, while punorama regular Simon Rooke kept his standards high with Head of Light Entertainment .

Other favourites this week were Will of Ted's Excellent Head-venture from Lee Pike, taking inspiriation from the film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Think before you shrink before you die from Nigel Macarthur, recalling drink-driving campaigns of years gone by.

But gold star goes to Zed in Cumbria for Go a head, shrunk, make my display. It really tickled us. Well done you.

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