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Punorama results

15:40 UK time, Wednesday, 9 May 2007

It's time for the winning entries in Punorama.

As ever, we gave you a story and you sent us punning headlines. This week it was astronomer Sir Patrick Moore who said British TV standards were deteriorating because the BBC is "run by women".

Soap operas, cooking shows, quizzes and kitchen-sink plays would not have been on in the golden days, said Mr Moore, who called for separate channels to cater for the needs of the different sexes. "I used to watch Doctor Who and Star Trek, but they went PC - making women commanders, that kind of thing. I stopped watching."

There were, perhaps all too predictably, many, many entries featuring Uranus. Great minds? It was in the case of Valérie Falconer, Rory and Simon Rooke, who sent in, respectively, Old Moore's All-Man-Act, Old Moore's Gal Ban Tack and Old Moore's Armagnac.

Simon was on fine form this week, also contributing Moore's crowed and Stars 'n their sighs. We also liked Nick and Kip's You Cannot be Sirius , Kip - again - with No comet! and The Moore the mardier (Gareth Jones, Isle of Anglesey).

Also firing on all cylinders was Tim Knott with Tele-mope and Super-nova-chauvinistic-TV-is-atrocious (special dispensation given to this "supercalla..." pun seeing as how it's, well, not laboured). Then there was Knight derider by Kate Lilley, which could just as easily been Night derider too.

Working the same humour vein was Male show-vinist (Mark Snegg) and Moorsogynist (Steve O and OG Nash). Then there was There's no business like chauvinist business by Gareth Jones and Moore Pat-ronising by Richard Peers.

And it's not a pun, but we also liked Craig Wall's Men are from mars, women are responsible for the shameful dumbing down of British TV. Boom boom!


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