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Paper Monitor

12:12 UK time, Monday, 14 May 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Choice headlines from today's papers.

"NOT SO GEE-WHIZZ! As this trendy eco-car [the G-Wiz] is show to be a death trap, our Science Editor asks if drivers can ever mix smugness with safety" – the Daily Mail puts the boot into liberal media sorts, such as Jonathan Ross and Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, who drive these electric cars.

"So long sarong, the kaftan's back" – the Daily Telegraph finds a reawakening of interest in this loose-fitting smock-like garment beloved of arty middle-aged women.

"He's Camilla's nephew, he's blind, can barely speak, can't count and can't dress himself. And he is also a musical genius. Introducing the HUMAN iPOD" – the Daily Mirror finds a gifted autistic musician.

"OUTRAGE OVER NEW BAN ON CROSS" – the Daily Express reminds us that earnest Christians are apparently the losers in this multi-ethnic, multicultural Britain.

"GORD GETS WILLIES" – the Daily Star on Gordon Ramsay's latest TV stunt: eating animal penises.

"HITLER FOR SIX – Aussie's axe cricket tour over Mugabe's 'Gestapo'" – the Sun, including a mock-up of "how tyrant Mugabe would look as Adolf Hitler"

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