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10:59 UK time, Monday, 7 May 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Let's hear it for those unsung heroes of the newsroom, the sub-editors.

These sharpest of news hacks have the thankless and unbylined task of knocking into shape the dodgy copy of a rookie reporter or, worst, an egotistical columnist. Not to mention the layout and headlines.

And all done with a job title which unfairly defines them in terms of inferiority to their boss.

The very best of the industry - by reputation usually at the Sun or formerly at the Sun - is on show this Bank Holiday Monday.

The challenge for the three papers most interested in Cherie Blair was how to treat a picture story of the (other) PM's wife dancing with Anton du Beke at a charity event.

And the results...

Daily Mail - "THE CHERIE SHUFFLE" (verdict: weak)
Daily Mirror - "BLAIR WALTZ PROJECT" (verdict: not bad)
The Sun - "LAST DANCE" (verdict: multi-layered, bingo!)

But the Sun's stablemates at the Times haven't had a great day.

First there's the unfortunate choice of language in greeting the Sarkozy victory with "THERE'LL BE A NEW, HANDS-ON STYLE OF PRESIDENCY... AND A FAIR BIT OF PAIN"

Excusez-moi? Does Sarko have a policy on bread?

That's easily forgiven but later, a great World War II escape story is described in the strapline as "cheating death". Ouch.

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