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15:31 UK time, Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Re: Smoker builds "Pub" to avoide ban. How fitting a tribute for his friend who died of a heart attack to name it after him!
Sarah, Manchester

Regarding repeating catchphrases as kids. We children of the 80s were also subjected to Mork and Mindy repeats in the early 90s. We went round greeting each other with 'Nanoo nanoo', probably around 15 years after the series actually finished. I think "bovvered' will be around for a while longer yet...
Suzi, Portsmouth

Re: Cocaine baron jailed for 30 years. Why are drugs nobility always barons? Why do we never hear of, for example, an "Ecstasy Earl"?
Adam, London, UK

Just to be pedantic Chris Kenny of Southampton, wouldn't a drugs baron run an international cocaine smuggling barony? If it's an empire, surely he would be a drugs' emperor...
J. Paul Murdock, West Midlands, UK

Re: April Fools special. Also on Sunday prescription charges were abolished in Wales,easily could have been a cruel joke but was a celebratory truth and very well received.
tim mcmahon, pennar/wales

Tescos are to pay more to milk farmers. Surely it would make more sense to pay more to milk cows?
R J Tysoe, London, UK

If David Cameron is the second best and sixth worst dressed man in the UK, then logically only seven people in the UK are dressed. I'm never visiting the old people's home again.
Phil, Guisborough

Re: Quote of the Day. "Open mouth, insert muffin.." What, all of it? You could choke on that; they should have a warning or something..
Stig, London, UK

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