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Punorama Results

12:43 UK time, Wednesday, 18 April 2007


It's Punorama results time again.

As ever, we gave you a story and you sent us punning headlines.

This week it was news that the UK is one of the most unhappy countries in Europe, according to a new report from researchers at Cambridge University.

The reason is our wavering trust in the government, the police and authority, says the report. Of the 15 countries included, the UK fell into the bottom half at ninth. Denmark came top, followed by Finland and Ireland. Italy came bottom.

So how did you do? Some very popular entries this week, kicking off with United Kingdoom, sent in by Scott Humm and Mike Monk. Running with the same theme was O.G. Nash, who sent in Undelighted Kingdom and Tim Knott with United King-glum.

Am's suggestion Land of Mope and Glory - and slight variantions - also proved popular. Land of Mope and Woe-ry was sent in by Graeme Wilson, while Stella suggested Land of Mope and Fury and Kieran Boyle went for Land of Mope and Worry.

Honourable mentions for Gripe Britain, sent in by Don Logan and Douglas Lee, Rue Brittania suggested by Tim Francis-Wright and Narky in the UK, the offering from Helene Parry. Duncan Hoffmann went for Reasons to Be Tearful and Stuart for Reasons to be Fearful.

But favourites this week are National Mistrust sent in by Brian Ritchie and Thy kingdom glum from Kip. Bravo.


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