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Capunorama results

15:10 UK time, Friday, 27 April 2007

It's time for the winning entries in our one-off caption competition-Punorama hybrid. A match made in heaven, to be sure.

We asked for your best punning headlines - and your wittiest captions - for these runners dressed up as convicts who completed the London Marathon while shackled together. Their chain-gang - numbering 17 in all - crossed the finish line in five hours and 25 minutes, and set a new world record for the most linked runners to complete a marathon.

Here are the winning captions, with the best puns below.

6. Sue Lee
Lagging behind.

5. Charles, US
Enron company picnic.

4. Rob Outterson
The Australian cricket team model their new one-day kit.

3. Nick Jones
"Yes, I think there may have been a small misunderstanding when I said, 'Shall we go on the run?'"

2. Gareth Jones, Isle of Anglesey
Home Office's bar-coding prisoners trial criticised as a failure.

1. David Dee
"Tragic! How many did we lose on that zebra crossing?"

And the winning puns:

6. Gaynor
Shackle and run.

5. Murray Milne
Bound on the run.

4. Simon Rooke
A fetters compli.

3. Stig
"Shall we nick the skip, the light, fan, and go?"

2. Helene Parry
The sore shanks contention.

1. Gary Moore
A skip to victory.

Thanks to all who entered. Normal transmission will resume next week.


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