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15:41 UK time, Monday, 5 March 2007

Re: Can coach travel be cool. You're joking right? Have I slept through March and it's April 1st? I can fly to London from Glasgow - do my job and fly back before the coach has got south of Birmingham. No chance.
James, Glasgow

Surely Michael Hutchence's brother is just selling a piece of paper that was faxed to Kylie. Kylie received the actual facsimile.
R J Tysoe, london, UK

Blair Targets Long-Term Jobless? Does this mean he's going to help the Tories win the next election?
Dylan, Reading, UK

Re: Rapper West flies in Welsh curry. Wouldn't it be easier to fly by plane like everybody else?
Graeme, Dundee, Scotland

To Paul, London.
I've had the same problem reading headlines about Jordan - do they mean the country or do they mean Mrs Peter Andre?
Andrea, Cheshire

Re: When new is old, the New Forest dates from 1079. The New Testament dates from between 45 - 140 AD.
Christina, Bath

Re: Ten things we didn't know last week. I'm not surprised you didn't know the tentacles of the giant squid make calamari rings the size of tractor tyres: squid rings are made from the body, not the tentacles. So we're no clearer this week either.
Jel, Swansea

Re: Ten things we didn't know last week. Wrong again. That's nine little darlings and one sinister hoodie.
Ally, Edinburgh

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