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16:24 UK time, Friday, 23 March 2007

I was reading an article on the BBC website about the new Dr Who assistant (because of the attractive photo) and noticed the following passage: "The BBC has confirmed that Doctor Who… will be returning for a fourth series next year." Not being a Dr Who nut, I had to refer to Wikipedia to find out that this supposed fourth series would actually be the thirtieth. This got me thinking that either this was a mistake or a slip of the tongue and that the Tardis in the series is real and the new series was actually shot in 1966 to save on production expenses, then shipped back to this present time for our viewing pleasure.
Theodore, Spain

I've just been looking at today's Entertainment 'Big Picture', and have noticed a small error. The caption states that the picture shows "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael (left) and Michelangelo (right)". However, as anyone who grew up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles will tell you, Michelangelo wears an orange mask... not blue or purple (as it appears in the picture). I would hazard the guess that the Turtle on the right is in fact Donatello, as the mask could either be seen as blue or purple... but it doesn't look like the light/sky blue of Leonardo's mask.
James, Stirling

How is Huw Edwards able to be both in Iraq, and helping students out in the School Report? Has he mastered the art of bi-location?
Peter, Luton, UK

How about a flexicon entry for the inevitable deluge of letters whenever Monitor makes a typo, such as today's "mii-question"?
Ben Avison, Cambridge

Re the "all of the above/none of the above" Jeffrey Archer mini-quiz debate, Ed from Clacton wonders about the contradiction of having an "all of the above" option in a mini-quiz where one of the other options is "none of the above". But if the order of the options is correct, there's no contradiction:
1. Blah
2. Blah
3. Blah
4. All of the above
5. None of the above

Option 4 means "all the options which are above it in the list". Option 5 is not above - it is BELOW. So it's not included in "all of the above" and there's no contradiction. How many insufferable-pedant points do I get?
Martin, Oxford, UK

With reference to the DMQ about Jeffrey Archer and the Bible, I'd like pedantically to point out that the phrasing of the question ("...which of these events ARE presented as fact?") immediately ruled out the answer being any of the first three options (i.e. the single events), and the fact that Jeffrey Archer wrote the book immediately ruled out the last option, thereby making it easy to choose the correct answer.
Adrian, London

Re your story "Farmer's lambs cosiest bar none", "baa none"?
Mark, Reading

I'm slightly concerned. My oh-so-technical RSS reader appears to have revealed the identity of the Paper Monitor. And it's male. Going by the name of "Giles Wilson", no less - as reported in the 'author' field for Friday's Paper Monitor. Invisible on the website itself, of course. Say it's just another technical gremlin, please!
Adam Foster, Brussels, Belgiumland

Ken and Martin have it all wrong. To download sweets off the internet, simply set your browser to "accept cookies".
John R, London

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