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10:12 UK time, Wednesday, 14 March 2007

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Now that the government has committed the nation to saving the planet, it's a red letter day for the Independent. With what does the paper adorn its now-traditional poster front page to herald the news - a glowering, pollution-filled sky, perhaps? A polar bear clinging to a blood-stained - and shrinking - ice berg? A line-up of 4x4s blocking a Chelsea street?

No. In honour of the light dawning, the front page is tricked out with a blazing sun in a clear blue sky. (The doom-laden images are confined to pages two through six. No wait, page six's line-up of cars is a full page ad.)

It may be a red-letter day for the Indie, but what about the Daily Telegraph, which since last week has been experimenting with a new wardrobe as part of its sly redesign. Today it has opted again for a lovely leafy green - apt, given that it's launching Gardenwatch, with a cut-out-and-keep chart to record the first sightings of the traditional harbingers of spring. In these days of global warming, when is the sap not rising?

Meanwhile, the Daily Express stealthily moves on the is-Kate-the-new-Di? debate by plastering Ms Middleton across its own front page. She may have taken Diana's place as the paper's cover girl du jour, but that doesn't mean the Express has forgotten its first love.

"PRINCES' TRIBUTE TO DIANA" reads the headline on page three, under a story of how Wills and Kate lost money at the races (funny, all the other papers reckon they cleaned up big). Keen to make this year - as every year - one devoted to the late princess, the paper is getting in early with its coverage of the 10th anniversary of her death.

"Princes William and Harry are expected to give emotional readings at a memorial service," it says, before later quoting a royal aide as saying: "It is too early to say who will give all the readings and the address."

Well, that clears that up then. Watch out for next week's exclusive on Elton John to reprise his Candle In The Wind tribute at the service. Maybe.

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