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15:23 UK time, Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Regarding the Punorama story, not a pun entry I'm afraid, but what does this say about the people running our country if they need to instruct the people serving their food to praise their menu choices? These people are making decisions about important issues in people's lives and they are so unsure of themselves they need to be congratulated on the wisdom of their choice of lunch! Anyone else tempted to head for Heathrow?
Jon, Bristol

Did the Old Bailey really open in 1907, or was it just called the Bailey then? Or indeed, the New Bailey?
MJ Simpson, Leicester, UK

Apparently, finding graves marked Jesus, Joseph, Mary and a form of Mary Magdalene is "like finding a grave marked Ringo next to others marked John, Paul and George". Well, if I found neighbouring graves marked John, Paul, George and Ringo, I'd assume they were fakes; not least because Paul and Ringo aren't actually dead yet.
Steve, Newcastle

Re: 24 viewers hit by cable TV fault - I'm very sorry for each of them, but to be honest I'm surprised the BBC covered so small a problem.
Edward Green, London, UK

Is it legal to impersonate a minister? Well, if it isn't, then the boys in blue should start asking questions as a number of politicians have been getting away with it for years.
Stig, London, UK

Robin, mall is an American word for an American invention. As such, we can use their pronunciation, ie maul. We don't insist on saying other foreign words like ciabatta and baguette with an English accent, do we?
Rosie, London

Robin shares one of my pet dislikes. How many people actually say "Paul Maul", for example? And, while we're on pronunciation, what has the Babel debate got to do with grammar, Akilah? Or have I missed something? I'm going back to bed to read my dictionary.
David, Romford UK

In answer to Robin's query, mall is pronounced "maul" in the US and "shopping centre" in the UK.
Andy Nichols, London

Not wishing to be over-pedantic but, Peter Clarkson commented that the statement "Two of the new lakes are only exceeded in size by Lake Vostok" can never be true. Surely if both of the new lakes are equal in size then the statement is true.
Mal Walker, Adelaide, Australia

Rachel you fool, don't do it!
Simon, Milton Keynes

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