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16:20 UK time, Wednesday, 21 February 2007

I am so glad to see your readers' column. I am 5ft 2 and a UK size four. It is impossible for me to find any clothes that fit. There is so much talk about eating disorders, everybody thinks I am ill. But I am not. I'd rather be a size eight, but just can't put on any weight no matter how much I eat. There are stores for "big sized" people, why not for skinny people? Imagine the controversy that would cause. It is not fair for those who are naturally petite.
Xiaoxiao, London

I received my e-mail from the Prime Minister at 01:53 this morning. I was under the impression that the government had the ability to send 1.8 million emails within 45 minutes. Can the BBC please investigate?
John Airey, Peterborough, UK

I've just read the prime minister's response to those who signed the road petition - does anyone know when it is OK to start a sentence with "and"? Every time I read it, it just feels wrong.
Ed, Clacton, UK

Andy asked about a plane crash on the border of Canada and the US (Tuesday letters) - ha ha Andy, the oldest one in the book. You obviously wouldn't bury the survivors... you might bury the dead though.
Imogen, London

My goodness weren't those Neanderthals brilliant, to have built a hut like the one pictured in this article...
Gerard Linehan, Dublin, Ireland

At last! The answer to Paper Monitor's gender can be found at Gender Genie. Based on the last three entries, PM is male. Except on Monday, when we must assume someone filled in for him.
John, Leeds

Punorama didn't work very well this week, did it? Out of the frying pun into the mire.
David Dee, Matola Mozambique

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