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Your Letters

16:30 UK time, Thursday, 15 February 2007

Can I protest at today's mini-quiz on Anthony and Cleopatra? You say the picture featured is [name withheld for security reasons], when in fact it is [name withheld for security reasons]. Unfair! I got it right and demand a refund.
Trish, Scotland
MM note: The Magazine's pit pony was sadly denied his carrots this morning. Thank you to all who spotted this.

I presume I'm not the only one to see the irony in Noel Gallagher's comment that David Cameron is "like a songwriter ripping off someone else's songs"?
Paddy, Newcastle

It's all in the tread
That's why the manager of the Forensic Science Service's footwear section is Jonathan Goodyear...
Jel, Swansea

Taking all these copies of people's footwear patterns must be wrong: aren't we supposed to be reducing our carbon footprints?
HTFB, Oxford, UK

A daily newsletter I received has today told me of a local charity that is "helping make the region a carbon-free zone". I am wondering what will be left if they succeed?
David Tate, Gateshead, UK

We have a 2-in-1 air freshener in the toilets at work that claims to both 'eliminate odours' and release fragrance'. Can anyone tell me why it isn't self-neutralising?
Ian, Kent

Re: "Your Leters" (Wednesday). Is this because you "let" some get published and others not (like this one I dare say).
Bryan Poor

And …

Re Your Leters [sic], please find enclosed a spare "t". t.
Rob Foreman, London, UK
MM note: Dictionary on its way to the pit pony's nose bag.

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