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17:21 UK time, Monday, 12 February 2007

Re the trial initiative for offering speed awareness training as an alternative to penalty points, Paul Biggs, from the self-styled Association of British Drivers, says: "it's better than getting three points... but I think it is a bit of brainwashing." Unfortunately, the scheme puts the lie to his organisation's assertion that the purpose of speed control is to make money for the authorities. Why does Mr Biggs think they want us to slow down? There is clearly no benefit to the economy - lower speeds mean slower deliveries and less work done. So guess what? It REALLY IS to save lives!
Kelly Mouser, Upminster, Essex

You say in 10 things we learned this week, that "Frankie Laine set a marathon dance record of 3501 hours in 145 consecutive days in 1932. " Given that 145 days only contains 3480 hours in total and - for his own sanity and safety - we have to assume Mr Laine took rests, would you care to advise us how this feat was possible?
Theo Cupier, Amersham, UK

So, the "Southern Cross has more stars than the five commonly depicted on the Australian flag, astronomers have discovered." (10 things we didn't know last week) - well, yes, of course it has - anyone with a halfway decent pair of binoculars and a star atlas will be able to see at least 10 of the stars in the Southern Cross. And that's excluding the fact that Alpha Crucis is a double star. The flag of Australia is an approximation, showing the five stars visible to the naked eye. There are still only five visible to the naked eye.
Mark Walton, Melbourne, Australia

Um, apparently the Taiwanese (according to Clive James) are getting New Year face lifts "for luck". They do realise its the Year of the Pig, don't they?
Rachel, Perth, Australia

Re the public's lack of sex knowledge: "half of people did not know when was the most fertile point of a woman's menstrual cycle was" Would it be unreasonable to assume the relevant half was the men questioned?
Rikki, Essex, UK

Anyone who doesn't realise that a Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut Easter Egg contains nuts frankly is not safe to be allowed out to eat chocolate. If this describes you, please send the chocolate to me instead. Thank you.
John Airey, Peterborough, UK

Re celebrity Beano appearances: is the Beano's editor really called Euan Kerr? Sounds more like a character from Viz comic to me.
Jake Perks, Shropshire, UK

Regarding the question of how snowplough drivers get to work, in Canada quite a few years ago there was a TV ad that asked, and answered, that very question with considerable humour. The answer: they drive a Volkswagen.
Norbert Cunningham, Moncton NB Canada

It's all very well explaining how gritter drivers get to work, but what do they do during the summer? Are they laid off or do they move to the southern hemisphere?
Pete Makings, Nottingham

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