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17:22 UK time, Friday, 2 February 2007

Humans blamed for climate change, was this in any doubt? I'd always taken it as a given! Can we blame cats instead?
Luke, Birmingham

Well done to Howard in London, (Thursday’s letters) who commented on Quentin's little rant about graduates and teamwork. I am about to graduate with a Masters of Engineering and am in the process of finding a job. I have my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, which I would not have got if I had not been able to participate in team work. Group work is also a major part of my degree. Who does Quentin think companies should take on? I really don't think that companies taking on graduates are stupid!
Laura, Glasgow

Howard. I think you'll find the last thing employers want is independent thinking. They're much keener on mindless obedience and automaton-like behaviour.

Scouting has team building - yes, leadership - maybe, self-reliance – definitely. But surely the clincher is that they'll have a knot for every occasion?
Kev Guthrie, Sheffield

The TV and radio seem suddenly full of people "Looking out the window" or "Walking in a shop to buy things". The correct language is "looking out OF the window" or "walking inTO the shop".
Now I REALLY feel better. I just can't stand by and not correct the rubbishy grammar that is an ever increasing part of the so called educational media. Please can I be a BBC editor?
R Gerrard, Minster, UK

I've got a new job and now I don't sit in front of a computer all day, I haven't been popping in... nice to see the Magazine's doing fine without me!
Tom, Guernsey

Re: Mexicans stage tortilla protest. It's a great headline, AND an all-noun headline. Whatever happened to All-Noun Headline Watch?
Tim Melville, Ely

I have just returned from a two week cruise in the Caribbean. Has it been this cold here all that time?
Ralph, Cumbria

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