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17:46 UK time, Thursday, 1 February 2007

Re: Eating your words, the middle picture appears to be a giant cockroach in a bun. This picture causes me to have wave after wave of severe nausea. Could you please change it to something more appetizing?
T Berry, UT, USA

Given that Britain is at an all time low for the number of available prison cells, is it the best time for things like this?Ian, Kent

Judy Cabbages: A price tag in a shop or a label on a website is just an invitation to treat. If the customer makes an order or takes a good to the checkout, the customer makes an offer. If the retailer (online or high street) accepts the customer's money, then and only then is a legal contract made. Sorry!Tim Miller, London, UK

I see that our good friend Jeremy Paxman has been criticising the Beeb for it's laughable approach to green practices. Oddly, I missed the report on the BBC news website. I'm sure it must be here somewhere...
David, London

Further to Quentin Hawkin's comments about graduates lacking team working skills; I would suggest a quick look at their CV. If there's any mention of being a member of the Scout movement, especially if they have gained their Chief Scout's or Queen's Scout Awards, I think you can be confident of their team working and leadership skills. Not to mention independent thinking and self reliance.
Howard, London, UK

I know it is a very serious story, but you have to admit Mexicans stage tortilla protest is a great headline.
Dick Hobbs, Punnetts Town, UK

Re: the French ban on smoking. I note that in your feature it is stated that the French will still be able to have a cigarette after a meal or after making love. They just won't be able to do it in the café. No wonder cafe life was so popular with the French.
Rob, Hamilton, Bermuda

Was anyone else worried by the headlines about the air tax? Where will I pay it? Do I pay more if when I am breathless? Can I get Air Tax Credits when I am particularly inactive?
Phil B-C, London

Re: Oils 'make male breasts develop'. That's good to know, because I thought my breasts were down to over-eating.
James Hayward, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

People whose names sound like their jobs-watch. We have Chris Lamb, of the Meat and Livestock Commission here.
Bish, Bedford

What's happening MM? I've noticed that regular items are being posted later and later, and the results of Tuesday's Punorama still haven't appeared on Thursday morning. PM is clearly a man - unable to multi-task. Being a bloke myself, I should know (stops typing to remember where he put his tea...)
Lee Pike, Cardiff
MM note: There's a unisex technical problem. Apologies for the late postings.

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