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Paper Monitor

11:24 UK time, Monday, 19 February 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily papers.

Great day for pictures in the paper. Lots of Britney Spears. There's one with her, clippers in hand, shaving her own head (Daily Mail). One with her part-shaved head making her look like a mullet-headed extra from Star Trek (Sun). And many with her, completely bald, staring straight to camera. In the Times version, she looks like the Roswell alien. In the Daily Star, she looks like a long-lost Mitchell brother. In the Sun, she looks quite cute, really (in Paper Monitor's non-gender-specific view), though the paper's caption says it is a "disturbing new look".

To be honest, Paper Monitor was only disturbed by Telegraph picture of her with half a head of curly hair, sitting on a sofa with Tony Blair having a jovial chat. Until it became obvious that it was actually Art Garfunkel. (More on which, here.)

Meanwhile at the Guardian they must be cursing that cruel news beast. Interviewer James Silver would have been mightily pleased with a big chat he had got with Richard and Judy, during which (and after wine had been taken) he decides to "test Richard's famed indiscretion".

And Richard certainly passes the test, with a liberal sprinking of Anglo-Saxon swear words which certainly aren't daytime fare. It makes a great read. But Silver's interview must have been done and dusted before the story broke that Channel 4 is investigating allegations that viewers were invited to call up to play You Say We Pay (at £1 a time) when contestants had already been selected. The interview is left look rather like an odd PR job, instead of the cracker it would otherwise have been.

And, because it's Monday, we naturally turn to the Express. It is, however, not until page nine that we learn there is a new battle for the truth over Diana's death. So what can have pushed the princess of all our hearts from the front page?

These, in descending order, are the answers.

Picture of Myleene Klass
"Outcry over super-mosque"
Picture of Queen on horse
"Terror fears for Charles and Camilla"
Picture of Kate Middleton, "queen of natural beauties".
Inheritance tax crusade
Pictures - including that unfortunate bikini/waterfall incident - of Myleene Klass.
Cabinet minister affair news.

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