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10:08 UK time, Tuesday, 13 February 2007

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It's Brits week. And you know what that means… lots of strident music business PRs touting their clients around the papers. Amy Winehouse's people are certainly earning their crust – landing her an "exclusive" double-page interview in the Daily Mirror, where we learn that La Winehouse "used to smoke £200 of pot a week" and likes a drink or twelve.

While the Mirror is counting down to the Brits this week - "One day to go" - the Sun is counting up "Brit Awards week: Day 2". And who has it bagged for its double-page spread interview? Non other than Amy Winehouse, who tells the paper about her, you guessed it, former £200 a day marijuana habit and the fact that she likes a drink or twelve. At least the Sun has the good grace not to call its story an exclusive.

Oh well, maybe it was just a one-off; a mix-up by the publicity people. These things happen once in a while. So who do the red tops have lined up for their Wednesday Brits interview?

"Tomorrow: Bigmouth Host Russell Brand" – the Sun.

"Tomorrow: Russell Brand on his women" – the Mirror.

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