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15:34 UK time, Friday, 12 January 2007

Re: the story on jaywalking overseas. There's a good idea for an extended story thread here: Sub-conscious things that you don't realise are different when you travel.

How about this? You cannot park your car "opposite to the direction of travel" in NSW, Australia. Similar to the historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, when living in London, you park your car where and how you can. Despite having learnt to drive in Australia (and knowing about that rule), 10 years in London had erased that knowledge!
DRB, London

In your story Fans to fly high after match ban you state that "the airship ... will fly in international air space". Just where exactly are Wolves playing this game, the mid-Atlantic? I think the phrase you are looking for is "uncontrolled air space".
Richard Peers, Croydon

Having become familiar with seeing headlines featuring adoptions for foundling babies, lost horses and stray dogs I thought we had reached an all time altruistic high with Family found for gigantic flowers. My wife would be very happy to find a home for any size flowers I may "find".
Steve, Hamilton, Bermuda

I know we all get a little giddy when contemplating Mr Beckham's new salary but I think BBC Sports Editor Mihir Bose should have kept a slightly clearer head to avoid claiming: "That adds up to $55m. Multiply it by five and you get well over $275m." Now, I've had my calculator out and everything... and I don't think he's right!
Daniel, Southsea

Re: Your ongoing debate on how the UK could win it, I had no idea the Eurovision Song Contest was such fertile ground for sour grapes.
Sara, Malmo, Sweden (Four times ESC winners)

Re: the debate on how you pronounce words, with an accent, (Thursday’s Letters) Cathy Hood, if you pronounced "riband" like "demand" then it would be "ri-barned", at least where I live.
Ian, London

Cathy, I think you've answered your own question. If you're using the word 'riband' then you're probably trying to be posh already.
Peter Clarkson, Kingston, UK

Contrary to PJ's assertion that the Channel Islands are independent, (Thursday’s Letters) they are actually crown possessions so are not, strictly speaking, independent. Whilst Jersey was granted some degree of independence by King John in 1206 (hardly the greatest endorsement from one of England's weaker kings), all laws have to be sanctioned by the Privy Council and the UK is responsible for foreign relations.

Don't tell anyone in Jersey that they aren't independent though, they really don't like to have it rubbed in.
Martin Hollywood, sitting in Jersey at the moment

MCK of London asks (in Thursday’s Letters) where to send a photo of a potato that has grown into a rude and amusing shape now that "That's Life' is off the air - Could I suggest YouTuber?
Brian Farrar, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Ah, at last, a picture of my ideal woman.
Pete Setters

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