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15:57 UK time, Thursday, 11 January 2007

Your story of staged accidents is an interesting one. But I wonder how long it will be before people make false claims about being in a staged accident?
Dave Godfrey, Swindon, UK

Re: Thursday's Daily Mini-Quiz on office jargon. Whenever I am confronted with the saying, "There's no I in team" I always reply, "But there is a ME".
Mark Bell, Warrington, UK

On your Daily Mini-Quiz today, surely the most hated bit of office jargon is the one most people chose i.e. "There's no I in team". So I got it right after all!
Dave, Walsall

Re: The debate over how the UK can win the Eurovision Song Contest (Wednesday’s Letters). I have a better idea than becoming a Baltic state or a Balkan state. Give Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Yorkshire their longed-for independence (well, in Yorkshire's case anyway). As the Isle of Man and the various Channel Islands are already independent, we could all have our own entries, could we not? And then we could all cosily vote for each other! (Not that it's a fix, you understand).
PJ, West Yorks

On the ongoing debate over the Bowie pronunciation - I'm firmly in the "Bow as in no" camp due to my Ulster accent preventing the alternative. But can anyone definitively answer how to pronounce the word "riband"? Is the emphasis on the "ri" or the "band"? I emphasise the "ri" and say it to sound like "ribboned", but there's been heated debate with friends who place the emphasis on the "band" to rhyme with "demand". We think they're just trying to sound posh. Which is correct?
Cathy Hood, Antrim, Northern Ireland

Since "That's Life" has not been replaced on TV, please can someone tell me where I can send a photo of a potato that has grown in to a rude and amusing shape?
MCK, London

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