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15:26 UK time, Wednesday, 10 January 2007

With regard to that article on happiness being important in your working life, do you think Dr Devendra Singh, who has apparently "spent years examining representations of women" is happy in his job? Does he have difficulty attracting staff to help in his research and do you have his contact details.
Stig, London, UK

The debate about how Morrissey should go about writing a Eurovision hit is interesting but ultimately doomed. As chuckling Terry Wogan knows only too well, the UK will never get off the bottom rung unless it becomes one of the Baltic or Balkan states.
Steve, London

The Daily Mini-Quiz today sent me of on a wierd and wonderful train of thought. I'm going to share. If we are losing 58,000sqkm (wikipedia!) of rainforest per year to deforestation, and per 300sqm it costs £89.82 then we need about £17billion a year to replace said forest. Which is £2.89 per person in the world per year. That's a cost of £173million a year from the UK. Could we, and would we, do it?
Tom Webb, Epsom, UK

Re: Diana, a year in headlines. Nice to see PM has saved all its copies of the Daily Express and gets them out from time to time to read. Most of us just use it to fill our landfills.
Lester Mak, London, UK

Any readers out there want to create a flexicon entry for when you blame 'technical difficulties' for never having anything published, when you full-well know it's because the entries aren't any good?
Ben Hill, Cardiff, Wales

Surely the pronunciation of Eva Liina Asu-Garcia's name is self-explanatory? Eva Liina (as 'U-Garcia').
David Dee, Matola Mozambique

Hurrah! Finally we see pictures of the elusive Paper and Magazine Monitors - at the top of the You've got to Laugh article. The female on the right is clearly PM looking perplexed at that day's Diana offering from the Express (and before she's had her morning pastry) while the male on the left is MM, enjoying the latest Punorama offerings. How nice to finally see you both.
Robin, Edinburgh

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