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15:53 UK time, Tuesday, 30 January 2007

So "The (Manchester super-casino) decision is a blow for Blackpool and London's former Millennium Dome, which were the bookmakers' favourites." Gambling on gambling? One thing's a racing certainty - this country's going to the dogs, or is it that the greyhounds?
Chris Palmer, Cambridge UK

The director of sport at Beckenham's Kelsey Park Sports College wants to bring boxing back onto the school curriculum. He says it could have a "massive impact ... on those young people involved". Quite!
QJ, Stafford, UK

With the recent letters about petitions on, I was wondering if all you lovely Montorites could help with my little petition? What I would like is to have Ultimate Frisbee in the Olympics so any help is much appreciated. Cheers.
J D, Liverpool

Two adjacent headlines on 'most e-mailed' this morning: Melting of glaciers 'speeds up', and UK house prices 'start to cool'. Perhaps if we send all British estate agents to Greenland, the cooling house prices will slow down the melting of the ice... no? Perhaps just send them to Greenland anyway?
Ian Rutt, Bristol, UK

So poor Perky is "just a duck" (Monday's letters). And in the Netherlands, "Kip" is just chicken.
James Hayward, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

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