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16:04 UK time, Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Re: Taking booty from the Napoli. Can the scavengers of the shipwreck apply the finders keepers, losers weepers law?
MCK, London

In the story about India’s first successful space mission - the understatement of the week award goes to the BBC's Habib Beary for: "The re-entry and recovery phases of a spacecraft are essential for any manned mission to space."
Owen, Stevenage, Herts

Re: Providing monkeys on the NHS (Monday’s letters): Monkeys for the disabled are used quite extensively in the US, to do simple things like open doors, jars, get things off of shelves, turn on light switches - hundreds of things.
Michelle B, London

Dear Jo, the web site of a provider is Helping Hand Monkeys.
Stephen Peacock, Wolverhampton

Helper monkeys are common enough to have appeared in The Simpsons, and the US government even has specialised rules about how to scan helper monkeys at airports.
S Murray, Chester, UK

I'm more excited about the PM's response to this survey. I doubt it will be positive, but if we all campaign, you never know!
Chloe, Chelmsford

Re: Pronouncing H with an aitch (Monday’s letters) Chris, It's called an accent. We all have them, good and bad. Things wouldn't be quite the same if we all spoke in RP.
Flamin' Nora, UK

On the debate about tunes stuck in your head. I am a little concerned that perhaps I watch too much satellite television. The background music from the Sky+ viewing planner gets regularly stuck in my mind and I had no idea what the tune was... until I caught myself humming along whilst deciding what to watch next from the list. I wasn't even aware there was a tune...and if you asked me to hum it now I couldn't, but I can guarantee that it will make an appearance at some stage today!
Vanessa, Dorset

I wouldn't mind so much if I knew the words. Now I've got "La cucaracha! La cucaracha! Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo..." running through my head. Thanks a lot, Monitorites.
Kel, Chicago, USA

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you "Chim-Chimney" from Mary Poppins. Not only can you not get it out of your head, I defy anyone to start singing this and not end up singing it in a Dick van Dyke fake cockney accent. I can confidently state that this is impossible, having challenged people in the past. I'd be interested in hearing how people with a real cockney accent get on with it though?
David, Ayr

Why not try the following (different) experiment:
The next time you are talking to someone face-to-face, do an action - folding your arms or lean against a door frame for example. Then wait until the person you are talking to does the same. Then do a new action... The trouble is you completely loose track of what you were talking about.
Nigel Goodman, United Kingdom

Congratulations to Mr Ben Dirs from BBC Sport who kept us entertained with his running commentary of Andy Murray's match against Rafael Nadal yesterday. Such gems as 'bugs the size of badgers' and 'dreamy touch' lessened the blow of Murray losing.
Vicki Powell, Manchester

Can I just point out the surreal brilliance of Ben Dirs' virtual tennis commentary? My favourite quote: "someone check that man's bananas"!
Ian, York

Re: The request for a flexicon for those who keep asking if there is a flexicon for something (Monday’s letters) - flexicontinual.
Derek Behan

The adjective for such a person is unimaginative. Failing that, how about flexless or unflexed?
Sam, London

Dean 's letter is an example of a flexiconquestion (actually, a reflexiconquestion to be more precise). To keep asking would make it flexicongestion. And so people whose responses get published are flexiconquistadors; though I suspect some would prefer to call them (or may I say "us"?) flexicon-artists.
Brian Ritchie, Oxford, UK

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