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15:53 UK time, Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Re: Hope over 'obesity-busting gum' - speaking as an obese person, it’s actually the swallowing I like, the chewing is just necessary so that I don't choke.
CB, England

Re: The Daily Mini-Quiz, I'm sorry but I do have a pen knife in my handbag. I also have a screwdriver and some allen keys. You never know when you're going to be asked for them by the man mending your computer at work. They are always surprised when I can hand them over - I don't know why.
Anne, Peterborough

A penknife is the only object from that list that I do have in my handbag! Also, surely it would be unwise to keep a dog and its biscuits in your handbag at the same time?
Anna, Kent

So women won't be found with a penknife in their handbags? Maybe that's because they haven't seen the Miss Army Knife, containing the things a lady needs like nail files, scissors, perfume bottle and torch.
James, Newcastle, UK

Re: Eurovision. (Monday's letters) Do I smell a can of worms opening?
Anthony Finucane, Dublin, Ireland (SEVEN times winners of the ESC)

On Diana-watch in the Express, have I crossed into a parallel universe? Looking at the papers this morning I noticed that while the Daily Mail had a Diana story on the front page, in the Daily Express she was strangely absent.
Mark Ivey, Hartlepool, UK

Do you have an In Pictures montage of the faces of the French Politicians and historians, when they were told about possible union with Britain?
MCK, London

A note to Ed Loach (Monday's letters) - in engineering terms a 'bolt' has only a portion of its shank threaded, but a 'screw' is threaded all the way up to the head. Not only wood fasteners are called screws.
David Jenkins, Bentley, Suffolk

Ed Loach is thinking of wood screws. Here in engineering land we often match screws (set screws) with bolts. Bolts are like screws only the thread is limited in length, so, depending on the length of the bolt, won't go all the way to the head.
James Russell, Birmingham

Rod, (Monday’s letters). If you scroll over the picture of 10 things, it's title is something like "10 dishes". Although there are indeed more than 10 individual items, there are in fact only 10 dishes.
Dave Godfrey, Swindon, UK

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