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16:56 UK time, Wednesday, 17 January 2007

It's Punorama results time again.

You know the rules, we give you a story and you give us your best pun.

This week's tale it was about 23-year-old Josephine Kime, who was told to get off a crowded bus because she was too tall.

The 5ft 11in former model had to stand because there were no seats left and was promptly ordered off the bus by the driver because he said she was blocking his view. "I thought he was joking," she said.

How did you do? Tall order was a popular entry, from Gary Hammond, Will J and Tony to name but a few. Chris Stephen and Rob Pallister thought along the same lines with Tall aboard while Ryan got bonus points for Small aboard.

Going for a slightly different take was Nigel Macarthur with In-tall-erance.

Taking inspiration from Ms Kime’s family name were Rob Falconer and One Eyed Owl with Kime and Punishment, and Candace with High Kimes and Misdemeanors. Others favoured her first name with Danny Burke getting in tune with Jo lean, Jo lean.

Simon Rooke gets bonus points for using both in You must be Jo Kime.

Others took inspiration from the world of London bus travel. Kip went for Not fare and Derek Behan went a step further with Highly unfare. Thinking laterally were Simon Rooke who suggested Not for higher, and Helene Parry with Oust-her card.

The World of arts proved a help for some with the very apt Barringheight 5-11 from Michael, and Blinded by the height from Jill B. While Angela Barlow went for Driver makes mountain out of a model.

But top marks went to Declan in Dublin for Double Ducker, one of many on the theme.


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