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11:07 UK time, Monday, 22 January 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

It's often said that dog owners tend to have a passing resemblance to the pets in their charge, but has anyone tallied pet ownership with newspaper loyalties. Perhaps not, until now…

"Improve your health, become a dog owner," the Daily Telegraph tells its readers on the front page, carrying the results of new research into such matters. Which, no doubt, will come as welcome news to your average Telegraph subscriber, sitting, as he does, amid his sprawling country pile observing said mutts run amok behind the gazebo.

Inner city, metrosexual Guardian sorts must make do with two-dimensional renditions of man's best friend, thanks to the latest in another round of wall-chart giveaways. Today, it's dogs… specifically "utility, toy, hound and terrier" varieties. Toy dogs? Aren't they the ones you get for Christmas and discard on Boxing Day?

The Times, meanwhile, seems to be overstretching itself as the career woman's paper of choice (viz the cover of today's T2). And what's the ambitious woman's pet animal of choice. A cat, of course. Which, perhaps, explains why its story about a tiny flat for sale in central London for an astronomical sum is illustrated with a graphic of a person having "difficulty swinging a cat".

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