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11:29 UK time, Tuesday, 16 January 2007

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Never to pass up the chance to feature a story about a blonde fiddling with her bra on live television, the Mail and the Telegraph give prominence to the unfortunate GMTV presenter Emma Baker.

The 26-year-old Anglia TV newsreader spent three minutes unaware she was being broadcast, in which she shared jokes with colleagues and, according to the Mail's eyewitness, "was preening herself and pouting like Madonna, sticking out her boobs".

But her Janet Jackson moment was still to come. When she adjusted her microphone, she "exposed a flash of tummy" said the Mail. Really? The paper went to Milton Keynes for further confirmation. Indeed, said a viewer, "I saw her tummy."

Emma's travails on the front page meant Telegraph readers had to wait until page six for another photogenic female - the 5ft 11in model thrown off a London bus.

Elsewhere, the story that France asked the UK to consider a union in the 1950s had the sub-editors busy flicking through their French-English dictionaries. Here's a selection of headlines...

Queen Elizabeth of France? Mais non Telegraph
Mon husband et moi... Mail
Allo, hello Mirror
Union Jacques Sun
S'il vous plait... can we be British, too? Times
An unlikely marriage: how France proposed to the UK Indy
Incroyable, but true... France's 1956 bid to unite with Britain Guardian
A France-UK political union? Dream on Financial Times (naturellement)

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