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16:06 UK time, Monday, 4 December 2006

Regarding the Santa bodyguard story. Shouldn't the security guard be dressed as an elf.
Stoo, Lancashire, UK

Very clever BBC, telling us that the area of newly protected rainforest is the size of England. I now have to lookup my England to Wales conversion chart to see how big this actually is. Maybe if I started by converting it to football pitches that would easier.
Kev Guthrie, Sheffield

Those memory pills are just great! Now, if only I could remember where I left the bottle...
David, London

Re: Singer Pete Doherty being fined for five counts of possessing drugs. This isn't news. "Celebrity drug user Pete Doherty to release record" - that would at least be unexpected.
Robin, Edinburgh

I smell sexism. This article on the new Michael Collins whiskey managed a gratuitous mention of Liam Neeson, but no photograph. If the subject had been a woman I'm sure there would have been an unnecessary picture as well.
Caroline Mersey, Belfast, UK

So Jerry from London... if I got your answer right, what do I get for it?
11 lions and 1 rhino = no rhino (it's eaten) so 11x4 = 44 (add the numbers) = 8
Number of vowels in 'kinetic' = 3
2 taxis and a bicycle
2x4 + 2 = 10... 0's a number, so if you had 'two' numbers, it's 2 total
(99-19)x3 = 240 (so same for the '0' above), add and get 7
And we have 8327...
Wotcha say?
Nima, MD, USA

Does anyone else think Paper Monitor is toying with us now with regards to his/her gender? The reference to the lingerie story on the front of the Telegraph would seem like a blatent clue, until you also consider the various possibilities of differing sexuality, or that PM may just be in the market for a bra.
James, Edinburgh, UK

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