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12:41 UK time, Wednesday, 27 December 2006

A service highlighting the riches of the daily papers.

It's no longer officially a holiday, but the mood prevails. Thus the few events of the day do make it into print, but squeezed in between bulletins from the front lines of that festive feeling.

The Guardian's front page is dominated by a foolhardy bunch of midwinter swimmers splashing into the briny waves near Swansea, their attire consisting of little more than a pair of briefs and a determined stare. And there are, unsurprisingly, reports on the expected feeding frenzy at the sales.

Inside, G2 is given over to all manner of puzzles (for much of the readership will be still curled up in front of the fire, rousing only to nod acceptance of another gin and Fairtrade tonic).

In the Daily Telegraph, a swarm of red-coated riders raise a toast before setting out on their tradtional Boxing Day hunt, the gathering filmed by a police crew in case things "got out of hand". Fittingly, the paper has seen fit to turn in one of its traditional page threes, today dedicated to those glorious gels who have been frontispieces in Country Life, a magazine that is right up the paper's street. All the Telegraph boxes are ticked thanks to an assortment of fine fillies with posho names like Eugenie, Chloe and Clarissa. My, don't they look fetching.

Perhaps predictably, the paper's Boxing Day sales correspondent reports from Selfridge's, where it's elbows at dawn. Equally predictably, the Daily Express hits Bluewater and Gateshead's MetroCentre. But no sign of you-know-who yet, and Paper Monitor is 15 pages into its edition of the Express.

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