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16:19 UK time, Thursday, 16 November 2006

Apparently there are only 30 Far Eastern leopards in the wild. I'm not surprised if scientists keep sticking their filthy fingers in their mouths!
QJ, Stafford, UK

The argument about Whiter Shade of Grey is not about the music, which may be based around Air for the G-String, but about some of the words. Which are the most famous (or infamous) part of it. Feeling Kinda Sea Sick, when the band yelled out for more perhaps?
Colin, Abingdon. Oxfordshire

I see the EU now wants to ban mercury. Soon there won't be any planets left at all.
Simon Robinson, Birmingham, UK

Re: Pictures of our desks. Like John I too have pictures of my family on my desk to remind me why I'm at work, and that things could be far worse - I could be at home with the children.
John Smith, London

The letters about copyrighting your fingerprint got me thinking. Could you trademark your house name and then sue junk mail companies for unauthorised reproduction?
Andrea, London, UK

Re whelming. I was re-imbursed at my local toy shop the other day, yet I don't recall being imbursed the first time. Odd.
Noel, Norfolk

Further to Juliet, London's letter on Wednesday. I wonder? Can you be gruntled? Can you have more gorm, or only less? I am led by my baff.
PJ, West Yorks

Can anyone suggest a new "flexicon" word for the (pleasant) surprise when a song comes on your MP3 player that you had forgotten was on it?
Clare, Scotland

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