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15:27 UK time, Thursday, 9 November 2006

In the article about new, low-strength lagers, the factbox states men should have 3-4 units of alcohol daily. Seeing as I didn't start drinking until I was 18, I figure I have 6,750 days (at least) to catch up on. Bottoms up!
Evan, London, UK

I was fascinated by your article on Hinglish. If Billy Connolly were used as an example of the Glaswegian dialect, perhaps that could be referred to as Big Yinglish?
Matt Lewis, Chester, UK

I see that scientists have restored sight to some blind mice. Could I ask how many?
Geoff Harrison, Alsager

In the absence of any meaningful MM size comparisons lately (RouteMaster buses, phone boxes, football pitches, etc) - I have just calculated that if you took all the water needed to hold the 200m freestyle event at London 2012, it would be enough to fill one Olympic size swimming pool. Genius.
Neil, Edinburgh

Re: calculating chance and probability (Letters, Wednesday): If one in five light bulbs bought is energy-saving and energy-saving light bulbs last five times longer than normal light bulbs, what is the chance that a blown bulb was of the energy-saving variety? Or do I mean probability? Mia, yours is not the only head that hurts!
Mandy, Leeds

Re: sending in our Flexicon entries for wrong Internet links in a BBC Website story, What about Mis-taken Site-entity...?
Simon, Worcester

I’m too excited for words. I was the first to answer today's Daily mini-quiz and was 100% of replies and 100% right. I would like to thank my agent, my mother, my electrician ...
Belinda Walker, Northampton

Re: "Backside firework prank backfires". Now this story has GOT to be Punorama next week...

I'd like to propose we have a "hug a Magazine Monitor reader" week next week. Hopefully we can cheer people up and get rid of some of the grump that's been floating about. So go on - who wants a hug?
Ben Paddon, Luton, England

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