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13:38 UK time, Thursday, 2 November 2006

Re: YouTube sued by sound-alike site. The BBC helpfully give us aggrieved company's web address so as we crash it some more!
Imogen, London

Re: Today's Daily Mini-Quiz. Is it true that someone can only be photographed 300 times in a day? Is this a physical or legal restriction? Also, if I take 300 photos of myself, can I then misbehave in front of a CCTV camera with impugnity?
Chris Stocks, Chesham, UK

Talking about the newly revised restrictions on air passenger luggage on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, this morning, BBC transport reporter Tom Symonds said: "We still have this ban on cabbage… err, cabin baggage…", thus neatly meshing two Monitor strands – flexicons and Cabbaging – in one.
Peter Choudray, Newmarket

Further to Adam's letter yesterday, I go to bed feeling lonely and yet I wake up with no energy. So where does this leave me? Maybe Dr Allan Norris has the answer when he says "sleeping could also be an important factor in giving someone more energy the following day." Really? Wow, thanks for that...
Robin, Edinburgh

Paper Monitor must be male to use terminology like "Back of the net!"
Andy, Leeds, UK

Hmm, seems that Paper Monitor these days reveals more about PM than the papers themselves. Maybe it should be rebadged "Paper Monitor Monitor"?
Callum, Edinburgh

I need a job, does MM need an assistant? I can make coffee, photo copy, laugh at all jokes (regardless of actual humour content), give wonderful foot rubs and will work for minimum wage.
Jez, Amersham, UK

MM note: The Monitor doesn't need anyone to make coffee, Paper Monitor is kind enough to share the contents of the much-discussed checked thermos. Sorry.

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