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Paper Monitor

10:54 UK time, Thursday, 30 November 2006

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Paper Monitor is peering past privacy into the lives of the rich and famous thanks to today's press.

In the Sun we're nosing over the arm of Heather Mills to have a look at pictures of her notes on divorce proceedings from Sir Paul.

The Daily Mirror has usefully annotated all the scribblings for us, so we can get more of the detail on which matrimonial home is in the plans - town or country? Neither paper can agree.

But the end of listening-in on celebrity voice-mail messages is nigh. Several papers carry the admission of the News of the World's royal editor Clive Goodman that he eavesdropped on messages for royal staff. As the signal is switched off, at least we learn who are the top tabloid tapping targets.

With one day until that first door on the advent calendar, the Christmas stories are coming thick and fast. A family-type row has broken out in the Times over whether a goat is for life, not just for December 25. Charities say buy one for poor farmers. Environmental groups want us to think about the long term goat-related devastation.

The Guardian offers a solution for the ethical, but now confused, with its green gift guide. They're recycled, biodegradable, even make-your-own.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph is thinking ahead to the post-Christmas binge bulge with day four of its Red Wine Diet. Paper Monitor is optimistic about adhering to this one.

And in the Guardian, Tracey Emin's Christmas paper joins the seasonal wrapping series. After the bows and boxes of previous days, we're judging, from the halos, that this one might actually have some Christian meaning.

But does Tracey have her dates in a muddle? The design has more crosses than cradles, it's more Easter than Christmas. It's hard to tell, however, as the repeated line drawing print is a smudgy old affair. At least PM thinks it is. Perhaps it was a bit early in the day to start on that diet?

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