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11:19 UK time, Thursday, 23 November 2006

In Thursday’s papers, the most striking images, appearing prominently in both tabloid and broadsheets, are a set of within-the-womb wildlife pictures. These pre-birth elephants, dolphins and dogs are portrayed in their floating, unearthly state, unaware of the weird world on the outside. These innocent animals still haven't even heard of wallcharts.

The fad for science-type pictures continues in the Daily Mail, with the modestly-entitled “most amazing space photographs in the universe”. These pictures, taken by the Hubble space telescope, provide two pages of multi-coloured spirals and splurges – with names such as the Sombrero Galaxy and the Ant Nebula.

The latter, a shimmering cloud of colours, 6,000 light years from earth is called an “ant” because it “resembles an ant”. Space ants maybe, not the kind in Paper Monitor’s back garden.

The Sun has an intriguing feature. What was Hitler saying in those silent film clips of his home life? According to a fancy piece of lip-reading technology, in one clip, he says to Eva Braun: “I understand you didn’t like the movie last night. I know what you want. You want Gone With the Wind.”

It’s one of those fragments of small talk that raises more questions than it answers. Did they ever get to see the film? What did they watch instead? Did they like comedies or tragedies?

Meanwhile the Daily Mail delivers the ultimate royal gossip headline, combining a heady mixture of nudge-nudge and reader offer: “Love nest where you can sleep in Charles and Camilla’s bed.”

As the Sun explains, Prince Charles is “going into the B&B business”, renting out a cottage in Wales. And the perks for prospective renters? “Guests can use their bed, sit on their loo and soak in their bath when the royal couple are away.” It’s beginning to sound more like the Royle Family than the royal family already.

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