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17:26 UK time, Monday, 30 October 2006

Re Friday's DMQ. Are MPs making money from travel? If an MP gets 40p per mile for car travel, assuming it's an average Merc with fuel economy of 20 mpg, that would equate to £8 per gallon of petrol used. Yet the retail cost of petrol per gallon is approximately half that at c. £3.90. (85p/litre x 4.54 litres in a imperial gallon), which means that we must be subsidising their cars as well. A bit unfair, isn't it? On an aside, does that mean that David Cameron gets 60p per mile if his car is following with his shoes?
Lester Mak, London

Last week's story Suicide rate continues to fall a spokesperson for the Samaritans says "we hope that continues to fall because it's still the second highest cause of accidental death in the UK after road traffic accidents." How can it be described as an accidental death, as is the case in this article? Surely, what separates suicide from accidental death is the intent.
TS, Croydon, England

Police in Huddersfield are banning shoplifters from certain stores after their third offence thus allowing them to charge fourth-time-offenders with the more serious offence of burglary. Here's a radical idea: how about banning them from the stores after their FIRST offence? Do shops really want convicted shoplifters as customers?
Kelly Mouser, Upminster, Essex

I applaud Ian, Horsham, UK, for his valiant efforts to tax and insure a tank. What are they going to do if you don't though? Clamp it or tow it?
Pete C, Birmingham

Slavomir Rawicz - Born 1915 in Pinsk, then in Poland. On top of everything else, born twice?
Ed, Leeds

"The papers and coffee from its traitional checked, platsic design is how MM always starts the day" I think Paper Monitor needs to switch to de-caf!
Sue B, Oxon

I almost missed it. I was introducing a new staff member to Cabbaging when I noticed that the Wikipedia entry has a new variant - Not Cabbaging.
Peter Allan, London, UK

Re Thieves disrupt 999 phone service. "The fire service can be called from the red phone boxes outside fire stations."
Jel, Swansea

The comment from Jon Norfield about 10 Red Arrows being a rare sight is actually incorrect. During actual displays, the team do only fly 9 aircraft. However when they transit to a base before a display they ALWAYS fly 10 aircraft - Red 10 flies the spare plane in case of one of the normal nine having a technical problem. Whenever the Red Arrows are away from their base, you will always see one left on the ground as the display team take the other nine to the air. There are thousands of photographs of 10 planes in formation going to a landing base, but this is not part of a normal display.
Geoff Beck, Wimborne, Dorset

Re 10 things, the only thing similar in the UK and Canada, as regards Kellogs Special K, is the box. The contents are quite different. The Canadian (US?) Special K is the same, I think, as the very first version that was produced in the UK, many years ago.
Brian Whyer, High Wycombe

For Sarah of Edinburgh: Lack of caption ability - uncapt?
Elizabeth G, Galveston, Texas

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