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16:01 UK time, Thursday, 12 October 2006

Oh, that's harsh. Why the need for "enlarge image" on the obesity story?
David Manley, Scotland

Re: PM's comments about the Indy poster of Maggie and Tony.
I've had a thought - it may be the first part of a cunning new give-away to top all others.
If they promise to include a free set of darts tomorrow it'll be the day's biggest seller!
Phil, Angus

Here's another pedants corner/epic grammar battle; "The Darkness... is set to continue" after Justin Hawkins leaves. Shouldn't that be "...are set to continue" since they're a band of people. Unless Lowestoft has manifested an overhanging cloud of mourning over the loss...
Duncan, Hove, UK

Isn't it quite telling that all the news articles are saying Madonna has adopted an african baby. What is Guy Ritchie doing then?
Sarah Linhart, Rickmansworth, Herts

I'd hate to spoil PM's new enthusiasm for Sun headlines, but the "How do you solve a problem like Korea" line dates from an October 2002 piece in TIME magazine. If it's been done before, it ain't worth doing again.
Oscar, Cambridge

I'm trying to decide what "the obvious" would be for the caption competition... explains why my entries never get through though.
Sarah, Edinburgh

Have we finally solved the mystery of PM's gender? Surely no men would have mixed up comedy goalkeeper Paul Robinson with innocent World Cup-winning rugby player Jason Robinson MBE.
Mandy, Leeds

Or would they...

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