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Your Letters

17:24 UK time, Monday, 9 October 2006

An addendum to today's Paper Monitor on David Blunkett's diaries, if you don't mind. The Daily Telegraph has the headline: "Prescott looked at me with hatred, says Blunkett".
Alice Geller, Chester

Chris De Burgh tells of "healing" hands. If De Burgh tried to touch me for 20 minutes I think I'd claim I was healed, no matter the injury, just to get away.
Robin, Edinburgh

"Tate Modern unveils giant slides" - was this under pressure from Jack Straw?
Malc Goring, Scarborough UK

If limbo is abolished, Caribbean themed parties will be very dull.
Ralph, Cumbria

With regards to the story on a fifth of CVs containing major lies, wasn't this story reported before? On 22nd August 2005, 8th August 2005, 14th May 2004, 6th August 2001, 15th March 2000, 13th September 1999. Need I go on?
Sarah B, Southampton, UK

Thanks Ian (Your Letters, 6 October). Now the Monitor is going to be bombarded with emails questioning whether an infinite number of monkeys have the capability to write the complete works of Shakespeare! (or is that 'has the capability'?)
Jerry, London

Your Eric Clapton story states "Cocaine" was dropped in 1987. So how come it's included on the "Live on Tour 2001" recording, "One more car, one more rider"?
Adrian Orrom, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

Re 10 things we didn't know last week about bullets not penetrating more than 2 metres of water is not, necessarily correct. There are many factors involved, such as bullet shape, material, speed and angle to the surface of the water. At 90° to the water's surface, a sharp-nosed bullet, travelling sub-sonically, will travel almost certainly more than 2 metres. At the other extreme, at 23° from the horizontal, almost all super-sonic rounds, including the NATO-standard .223 and the .50" BMG rounds (FMJ's), disintegrate on contact with the surface. There is an episode of the American TV programme "Mythbusters", which deals with this very subject and, if I remember rightly, a standard 9mm pistol round (at 90°) penetrated 8 feet.
Graham, Munich, Germany

Re the missing wafer in a Kit-Kat. Maybe it's just gone a wafer the weekend. Sorry.
Mike Jefferies, Edinburgh

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