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10:21 UK time, Tuesday, 31 October 2006

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Question: How does the Sun – until now, hardly the most eco-aware of newspapers – dress up the global warming story into one that might grab its readers?

Answer: By dressing it down, of course. After yesterday's Stern report on the potential catastrophic cost of climate change, the Sun is assuming its eco duty by Photoshopping topless "glamour queen" Keeley green and getting her to offer 10 tips for saving energy. Now, Keeley is not given to cost-benefit analyses of wind turbines versus photovoltaic cells (she can leave that to the Independent, which, in the Stern report, must believe all its Christmases have come at once and has produced a "special issue"). Try this, for example: "Go digital: I insist my sexy pics are taken by digital camera, so invest in one. Film processing and developing uses toxic chemicals and paper."

Given the Sun's other big concern about climate change – the huge increase in taxes it will doubtless incur – it's hard to know where the extra cash for such consumables will come from.

Keeley's verdant hue summons thoughts of the Wicked Witch of the West but the papers show little taste for Halloween, with one exception...

Halloween ain't what it used to be. Today it's a £120m enterprise, replete with tearaway kids frightening defenceless old folk. Throw in a dash of over-zealous local authority political correctness and the unpalatable fact that it's all a bit, yeugh, American, and what do you get? A Daily Telegraph pg3 lead. Always a treat.

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