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10:42 UK time, Monday, 30 October 2006

It's one battle after another in the papers today. The McCartney saga rumbles with the so-called "Linda Tapes". Literary agent Peter Cox has published details from 20-hours worth of audio tapes made when he was collaborating with Sir Paul's first wife Linda on a vegetarian cook book.

But it's all a bit confusing. According to some papers the "long-lost" tapes give a "fascinating insight into their loving relationship", while others say they reveal Linda considered leaving her husband because she was so unhappy. Who can you rely on? The Daily Express of course. Forget the tapes, it manages to get Princess Diana into the story. The only shocker is it's not on the front page.

The other main newspaper battle is no-less important. Forget the fight to save the planet from global warming - which makes it onto two front pages - what really matters is All Saints and the Sun versus Girls Aloud and the Mirror.

The gloves are off, this is serious stuff and what does it all come down to? Marriage. Nicole will marry Liam Gallagher, but doesn't know when. Nadine isn't going to marry Jesse Metcalfe just yet, but might in the future. You try and work out who's the winner there.

And while you're doing it, why not pour yourself a cup of coffee from your flask. Yes, your flask. They're back, according to the Telegraph, but this time round they're stainless steel. How does the paper know? Because several celeberities have been spotted with them in the last few months, including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Johnny Depp.

They never went away in Paper Monitor's opinion. The papers and coffee from a traditional checked, plastic design is how the day always starts.

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