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10:22 UK time, Friday, 27 October 2006

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With the clocks about to go back and temperatures finally flirting with a drop, Paper Monitor is feeling the first flush of autumn/winter weather. Brrrr.

But it won't be rushing off to get stuck with a flu jab. The Daily Telegraph has good news for needle-phobes who harbour doubts about whether the annual vaccination cuts deaths, stops hospital stays or keeps us at work.

Better a brisk walk, says the Times. For about half an hour a day. Don't then ruin it by going to a 45-minute stretching class where you are likely to catch everyone else's germs. Sniff.

Or, with Paper Monitor's reflective garb and cycle helmet on, an adrenalin-boosting cycle to work should do the trick.

Never mind the dark and the cold at this time of year. For Londoners alone, Ken Livingstone wants "200%" more cyclists on the streets in the year London will host the start of the Tour de France. No real figures are quoted in the Independent on how many intrepid two-wheelers are out there at the moment.

But going for the burn could help Macca, as it is his turn to look bedraggled thanks to the McCartney-Mills divorce spin cycle.

Yesterday the Telegraph was saying the domestic turmoil may have improved last year's well-received album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.

Today the Sun remarks that he looks "haggard over his divorce" as he returns from a night out.

Never mind Sir Paul, just one year to go until you turn 65 - the age threshold for anyone who'd like to boost winter immunity with that flu jab.

(Incidentally, nice piece in the Telegraph on when to wear a poppy, which says "the question was asked yesterday as the Royal British Legion launched its poppy appeal". Asked where? Oh yeah, here.)

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