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Paper Monitor

09:32 UK time, Tuesday, 24 October 2006

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Paper Monitor is fearing for its sanity. As yesterday's PM reported from the Daily Mail, new research shows strawberries could delay the onset of dementia.

But just as Paper Monitor is tucking into its morning fruit charivari (double helping of summer fruits - carbon offset those air miles), it's accosted by even newer research, in the Daily Mirror, that says vegetables slow the rate of mental decline in old age but fruit doesn't have the same effect.

Leafy greens are apparently the elixir of cerebral youthfulness, which leaves PM scrabbling around for its copy of last week's Guardian wall-chart on salad greens… or was it in the Independent... or the Times?

Maybe PM's just suffering from a seasonal ailment, as today's Metro reports that "Colds can kill off our memories'".

Worrying news for those who get about on public transport, given the belief that trains and buses are hotbeds for winter bugs. But there's hope for the grey matter yet, with news, in the Metro again, that public transport bosses are investigating an anti-flu disinfectant spray.

Whether it will mitigate the effects of the notorious train defecator seems less likely.

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