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10:55 UK time, Monday, 16 October 2006

Sticklers for tradition will welcome the return of a picture of Princess Diana on the front page of Monday’s Daily Express.

But these are changing times. Now Princess Di has to squeeze in beside other co-royals, in a trail for a piece headlined: Who’s the brainiest Royal?

Prompted by comments by Princess Michael of Kent about her gifted children, the Express analyses the educational pedigree of the royals – concluding that they are collectively “lacking in academic aptitude”.

The Sun also starts the week with some royal trimmings, reporting on the current state of play of Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy.

This article is a treasure trove of odd details. For starters, Harry has a poster of George W Bush on the wall “to remind him of dizzy Chelsy”. The explanation for this is that Chelsy has a reputation for daft comments.

As an example, it’s claimed that she thought that woolly mammoths were still a living species. This intellectual prowess isn’t any barrier to her future plans, which the Sun says, is to take up a postgraduate place at the University of Bristol.

And under the Too Much Information category, what are we to make of the Daily Mail's report that at her birthday party, Harry and Chelsy “disappeared into the disabled lavatory together for a few minutes”?

Maybe they need the calming, educational influence of the Guardian’s latest give-away. It’s an apples wallchart – not a poster – a wall chart. And tomorrow, the herbs.

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