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16:52 UK time, Wednesday, 20 September 2006

I see the Royal Mail is now using internet technology to help send letters. Apparently it's going to be called "e-mail".
Sarah Prentice, Birmingham, UK

In reference to your article about 2D barcodes for letters - seeing as the first dimension is a fixed point in space, and the second dimension is a line - i.e. something that is seen to travel along an 'x' and 'y' axis, aren't old style bar codes also 'two dimensional' in that they are made up of several lines arranged side by side? Sorry but I get a bit pedantic on a Wednesday.
Phil, Angus, Scotland

How dare Paper Monitor alert us to nude huntswomen in yesterday's Telegraph? It's outrageous. Why didn't you tell us then?
John Thompson, Southport, UK

Admit it, we all think like two-year-olds. Mi’lords, the evidence: while watching How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria, whenever Andrew Lloyd-Webber came on screen, my toddler turned away. “No,” she’d say. “No…”
Hope, Walthamstow

Re Smurf sizes (Tuesday's letters): in Austria, a small child is "3 cheeses tall" (drei kaese hoch).
Pix6, Vienna, Austria

Regarding How infallible is the Pope?, I think it's worth pointing out that you cannot have degrees of infallibility. One is either infallible or not, in the same way that one cannot be slightly pregnant.
Ian, Kent

Re David's observations of Mumbai/Bombay weather (Tuesday's letters), imagine our dismay when Sheffield City has a different forecast to Sheffield, South Yorkshire, despite existing at the same latitude and longitude. And people wonder why I never know what to dress for…
Craig, Sheffield

Stone Me!
(Punorama. Am I too late? Or is it thee?)
Tall Tone, Snowless Essex
MM note: Not too late, but sent via the letters form - so not eligible. We're being cruel to be kind.

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