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16:20 UK time, Tuesday, 19 September 2006

It's interesting to see that a frozen food firm has decided to give lessons to teach children that chips come from potatoes. I look forward to the lesson that explains that chickens come from eggs (or is it vice-versa)?
Nick Rikker, Barcelona, Spain

Re: School dinner row meeting held I could not help noticing on the way to work, that in the last 12 months or so, our local pie shop does a roaring trade between 8am and 8.45 am mostly on school weekdays for some reason, Jamie.
Liam Reilly, Warrington

Re Stop trying to sell to me Has anyone considered the fact that these companies spend an awful lot of money sending us junk mail, cold calling and sending salesmen to our door? If not you should consider why they do this. They get a good return on it. If we as a country stopped buying from junk mail, cold callers et al maybe they would stop doing it. Its our own fault for being so easily persuaded.
Gareth, Ipswich

Re Trivia hunters ask the textperts, in which it is said that a Smurf is three apples tall. Ho no they're not say the irate Belgian! "Three apples tall" is a bad translation of a French colloquialism (haut comme trois pommes) that means very small indeed. Anyone who's read the books, seen the cartoons in the cinema or on telly know that they are around five inches tall... small squished apples maybe?
Matthieu Vermeren, Cambridge

Why is the BBC website weather forcast for Mumbai different to the one for Bombay?
David, UK

Arrr, it be national 'speak like a pirate day'. Be sure to honour such a piratey day, me beauties.
Craig, London

Exactly have long will the Magazine Monitor's "new look" be a 'new look' for?
Howard, London

Regarding the story 'Son completes unfinished Tolkien' . I had trouble getting through The Silmarillion too.
John Brown, Belgium

Re: How to say... Could someone please advise us how to pronounce Martha Figueroa-Clark's name?
Ian, Kent

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