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16:26 UK time, Monday, 18 September 2006

When I read Parents feed pupils through gates, I wondered why the parents don't just open the gates and let the pupils walk through.
Rob Foreman, London, UK

Re today's headline in the Guardian "[Pope's] apology [to Muslims] offends Jews". John O'Farrell can relax - we hardly need the Onion any more.
Edward Higgins, Plumstead

I'm confused. The Archbishop of Canterbury says that adults are too much like children. But last week those people who wrote to the Daily Telegraph said children were made to grow up too quickly. (PS. I'm not really 10, I'm actually much older, but I'm so immature I pretend to be a precocious child.)
Felix, aged 10, Nottingham

All this talk of new Conservative party logos made me want to see for myself and I found this story from 15 September: "The party had planned to unveil the long-awaited design next week. But it decided to bring the launch forward after images - taken from passes for next month's party conference in Bournemouth - appeared on websites." Not on their own website though, which still has their old logo. Oops.
Manon, Johannesburg

The Conservative logo....doesn't it look like a sign for a nursery school?
Daniel Newland, Coulsdon, UK

Thank you to World Editor Adam Curtis who explained the Sudan Goat mystery on the Editors' blog and has provided the best pun of the day.
Colin, Thatcham

As I checked today to see if the Sudan Goat story was still on the "Most E-mailed List", I noticed that it wasn't, but that there was a story about the work of Banksy. This leads me to speculate the theory that the Sudan Goat story's presence on the list for so long may actually have been the work of Banksy.
DS, Bromley, England

I wish the BBC would stop using,'More soon', on the Headline Ticker. Especially when articles relate to numbers of people killed. More soon.
Peter , Cardiff

I met an old cyclist who'd been up before the beak for "furious pedalling" (10 Things We Didn't Know This Time Last Week). He was riding a fixed wheel (with three others) an they got up behind a bus (drafting it for extra speed). As the bus came into a village (this was in Hampshire or Wilts) the four cyclists popped out from behind and went stonking through the village. As they passed the village bobby - he stopped them and went through the motions. (I was expecting a similar charge, coming down off Ditchling Beacon into Brighton on the London to Brighton ride I tripped a 40MPH speed camera, the lad behind me did it too (his speedo had 52MPH). I still haven't had the photo or the summons from Sussex Police.)
Dougie Lawson, Basingstoke, UK

In 1938 my uncle was demoted from corporal in the Welsh Guards for 'idle cycling'. His crime was to stop pedalling and free wheel while in uniform.
Owen, Chelmsford England

There have been many comments here on your teal plumage, but I've always loved the way visited links on the BBC site go a bored, slightly faded shade of navy, and am relieved the new Magazine carries on the tradition.
Chandra, London, England

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