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15:38 UK time, Thursday, 14 September 2006

Your story in the politics section reads Johnson calls for Labour 'unity'. May I suggest that, to avoid readers' disappointment, stories like this are in future titled according to this structure: "Johnson (not Boris) calls for Labour 'unity'".
Paul Taylor, Manchester, UK

With regards to the infamous Sudan Goat story, I am reminded of a stock phrase from my childhood "Leave it alone, and it will go away". The less we talk about it, and link to it, the quicker people will stop reading it. Oh dear.
Dan Wilkinson, Chesterfield UK

...and then the Sudanese man said: "That was no goat, that was my wife!"
Nick Jones, Dorking, UK

Drastic shrinkage in Arctic Ice - a candidate for 10 Things We (Men) already knew?
Evan, London, UK

You can always tell a good science story when it has a man in a costume.
James Hayward, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Paper Monitor asks what to do with unwanted giveaway wallcharts. I was at a meeting on Tuesday evening, where the projector screen was formed from a number of these wall charts...
Matthew Pettitt, Manchester, UK

You could always cover an elephant with wall charts and call it art.
Edward Higgins, Plumstead.

Just wondered how long it would be before a newspaper produced a wall chart of the greatest ever DVD give-aways?
One Eyed Owl, Dorset

I'm hoping for a jolly colourful wallchart about 2 inches by 8 feet to put over the right hand side of my screen (covering the blank space).
Peter, Milton Keynes

The instructions on my pack of frozen prawns insist that I defrost them overnight, and also that I eat them on the day of defrosting. Help, my head hurts!
Maria, Glasgow

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