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Punorama updated

13:26 UK time, Wednesday, 27 September 2006

The rules are simple. We choose a story and you write a punning headline for it.

Punorama!This week it was news that Chelsea and England footballers Frank Lampard and John Terry have been lined up for walk-on parts in a new Bollywood blockbuster. The film Jhoom will include a character who is a devoted Chelsea fan and be partly shot in London.

Judge's verdict

Lots to play with again this week, as well as some strong front runners.

It was obvious - but it was a goodie. Frankie goes to Bollywood was sent in by Chris, Johnny Lyttle, Mike Grimes, Brian Saxby and Pix6 from Vienna.

Another hot favourite - well among those who can remember the sitcom - was Terry and Jhoom. It was sent in by Amber, One Eyed Owl, Nigel Macarthur and Kip - among others.

Some real sparks of genius came from Rhys with Lamps, Camera, Action, Candace with Whose sari now? and Stephen C with Blues Score Hindi Extra Time.

And an honourable mention for National Lampard's: Indian Vacation from Neil in Reading.

But MM's personal favourite this week is the rather lovely Jhoompers for goalposts . Well done Simon Rooke, you get a gold star.

Losers click here.

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