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11:33 UK time, Wednesday, 6 September 2006

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It is the one question on EVERYBODY'S lips. Speculation is rife, the dividing lines have been drawn, and the case for and against has been put. Can you guess (who said "Tony Blair's leaving date" at the back)?

No, silly, it's whether Kate Middleton is the new Princess Diana. Do keep up.

The Daily Mail is the latest to ask this burning question and to lay out its evidence in the now-traditional photo spread: Here's Diana in a blue frock; here's Kate in a blue frock. Here's Diana in a cosy hat; here's Kate in a cosy hat. Here's Diana in a scarf; here's... well, you get the picture.

(Incidentally, "is _______ the new Diana" is a favourite question of the Mail, with assorted other females who wear blue frocks, cosy hats and scarves, Cherie Blair being a recent example.)

It's been a busy week for the photo editors who look after the Diana picture archives - the Mail and the Daily Mirror have raided the archives for snaps of Diana with her divorce lawyer, after the former Lady Macca was snapped with the very same man, who is handling her split.

No cosy hats or blue frocks for Heather Mills, though. She's decked out in hippy chic, which, try as hard as they might, the photo editors will struggle to find a similarly-attired Diana. Bang go plans for a "Is Heather Mills the new Diana?" double-page photo spread.

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