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11:33 UK time, Tuesday, 26 September 2006

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It's an inspiring story of a tough Scottish upbringing that turned Gordon into the man he is today. His father's dreams – dashed; the debts and the determination to overcome adversity; the nod to humility. Yes, Gordon Ramsey's autobiography, Humble Pie, as serialised in the Sun, makes gripping reading.

But all the press loves a clanger, so it's Cherie Blair's off-the-cuff remark about the other Gordon being a liar that steals the headlines. Amid much muttering about wives' tendency to embarrass their husbands – courtesy of Cherie's father, Tony Booth - the Sun drafts agony aunt Deidre Sanders into the fray. And she comes up with a surprisingly forgiving reading, pointing out how much stress Cherie has been under and how she should be given credit for her difficult role.

Might we expect a Dear Deidre photo story reconstruction sometimes soon?

But loyal Paper Monitorites will know that if there's one paper more than any other which has, er, strong feelings about Britain's "first lady" it's the Daily Mail. Is it sympathising with the stress Mrs Blair has been under?

"Hell hath no fury like Cherie" it tells us, across pages six and seven. Cue a forensic examination of the alleged long-standing antagonism between Mrs Blair and Mr Brown and a checklist of her "gaffes" down the years.

The paper even speculates that rather than scupper Mr Brown's future, her comments might damage her own marriage… and then goes on to lift the lid on the recent marital strains experienced by the Blairs.

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